Jones + Fields Do Disney | Whitney Beth Photography

Jones + Fields Do Disney | Whitney Beth Photography

On top of our trip to Disney, for Christmas this last year I got both boys camera. When Jones was 2 1/2 I gave him a little kids digital camera for Christmas so he could document our trip to Disneyland that year. Well I loved it so much I found another camera for Fields. Since Jones already had a camera I wasn’t going to get him a new one, but then I found a camcorder for kids on Amazon.

They were a big hit. Jones started interviewing everyone on Christmas day about their favorite present. It also was able to take pictures too, which was a bonus since then it was one less thing to pack.

I packed around a portable charger at the park in case they needed it (which worked out nicely since we kept forgetting to charge the cameras at night.) The boys had their cameras out at random times and I loved being able to look at what they deemed “photo worthy.”

For instance, Fields was super into adding boarders and changing the colors of his photos. While Jones on the other hand had more fun with the mirroring effect. A lot of his pictures look like they belong in a fun house!

When I was importing their cameras I popped in Jones’ memory card first – it only had three videos on it, and they were pretty recent. I thought maybe it was something on my end. So I put the card back in his camera to view the pictures. Still only three videos. So I went to his settings. Their cameras (luckily) show the last thing they were in, in the settings. In Jones’ case – format memory card.

My heart sunk! Jones had accidentally formatted his memory card! He still had Christmas to Disney on his camera when it happened. I tried not to panic as I instantly googled recovery software. By some miracle, despite already being written on, I was able to recover over 500 files!! I am so glad I didn’t have to tell Jones he deleted his whole camera roll!

Seeing their pictures makes me so happy! Now I just need to figure out how to print them! I’m debating between 4×6’s in a mini photo album where they can take them out and look at them, or a photobook where they are all in one place. What would you do? While you’re deciding, here are a handful of favorites from the boys, see if you can guess who took which ones!

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