Printing Christmas Cards | My Top 4 | Whitney Beth Photography

Printing Christmas Cards | My Top 4 | Whitney Beth Photography

If you missed my Instagram live last week, you’re in luck! I thought it would be beneficial to you all to have the information in written form. Sometimes I don’t have time to catch a live from my favorite Instagrammer and I wish there was a way to read/skim it later on. So I’m doing just that for you guys!

First lets talk my top places to get Christmas cards printed! I have used all of these options over the years and you really can’t go wrong with any!

First up, is the newest to the game: Chatbooks!

This year they launched their card designs and *spoiler alert* it is what all my clients will be getting from me this year. Not only does Chatbooks have amazing quality, but there are plenty of templates to choose from. But my personal favorite reason is they have a QR code that prints on your card (wherever you put it) that you can load with your highlight photos from this year! Then you don’t have to fill your card with small pictures and instead can have one focal point and the QR code full of your favorites! It’s genius!

And lucky you guys, I’m an affiliate with Chatbooks, so if you use code: “Whitneybeth” on your order you get 20% off! (My code is good for anything on the Chatbooks site!)

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The next on my list is Persnickety Prints!

They are local to Orem, Utah and super friendly with awesome templates to choose from! Super easy to work with and always get you their stuff fast! If you need help designing you can always go into the storefront and they’ll be happy to assist you!

Another local favorite is Pro Digital Photos in Pleasant Grove.

These guys are another small business that I love! What is so cool about Pro Digital Photos is their ability to really customize and make your cards special. They can do bi-fold among other ways to open and view your card. They also do foil embossing and stamping and it’s seriously so beautiful! Their templates are really easy to use and just like Persnickety, if you need help, you can go inside their storefront on main and Veronica and her team will help you out!

The last option I use is for a more hands on approach:

This is what I use most, but it requires you to have some design knowledge. This company is an office supply type of company. But it’s the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

What I do is this:

  • Design my card in photoshop using a 5×7 template with a quarter inch bleed line just to be safe.
  • go to and select “postcard”
  • Upload my design(s) – I like to do front and back
  • They only come in bulk orders of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1,000 (In the past I’ve done two separate orders of 50 and 100)
  • Add envelopes to my order (usually no charge)
  • send to print. I try and get these ordered in November so that I don’t have to pay a rush fee to get my cards in time.
  • bonus – if you’re unlike me and have your life organized and all your addresses in a google doc or excel sheet you can import your list and for a fee, they’ll post and mail all your cards from their warehouse.

So there you have it! My top four tried and true Christmas Card Places. Where do you print your cards?

Oh, and to all past clients, if you did not hire me for photos this year, but would still like a Christmas card, DM your address.

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