The Intern | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

The Intern | Whitney Beth Photography | Utah Family + Senior Photographer

No, this isn’t some feel good, Vince Vaughn movie. I had my own intern this past semester. My sister, Hailey worked and shadowed me (Maybe you saw her in my stories) during my work week. I thought it’d be interesting to write down what it was like for those who have never had or been an intern before.

For starters, you have to understand Hailey. The best way to sum her up is to tell you how she asked if she could be my intern. I was over at my mom’s house one day and she came up to me and said, “Whitney, I have my schedule for senior year! … I’m interning with you and will be at your place on ‘B’ days.”

yep. Classic Hailey.

But I love her, and I thought it would be a good idea for her to see what actually goes into my job.

So Hailey came to work with me and I showed her the ins and outs of being a photographer. Hailey has taken three years of ASL and wants to be a photographer for the deaf.

Having an intern might seem like fun and free labor – which it is, to a point, but it’s actually a lot more work. With everything I did, I talked out my process and explained why I was doing it.

I’m pretty sure Hailey was disappointed in how little time we actually spent on location photographing. Welcome to the life of a small business owner! Ha.

At the end of the semester, Hailey’s teacher asked if we’d be interested in speaking about the internship at a conference in St George put on by the internship program.

So this past weekend Hailey and I got to present! Hailey did the majority of the speaking and included her likes and dislikes of interning with me. Spoiler alert, she did not like the amount of time spent in the office. Lol. And I talked about what I do, specialize in, and what I had Hailey do with me.

So even though I was sprung with a surprise internship, it was fun to have someone with me, learning what I do, why things I do are important for my business and it was especially handy to have her during extended family shoots. Plus, I always love a little one on one sister time.

I managed to snap a few photos from the presentation. Enjoy!

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